Dan is an amazing coach! He helped me clarify things I had struggled with on my own, like my values, priorities, and goals. He helped me to actually take ACTION on the things i really care about. Before i started coaching with him i was feeling directionless, but after a few months of sessions, I am incredibly happy with where my life is going. He is incredibly kind and respectful, and never explicitly tells you to do anything. Instead, he magically leads you to your own conclusions, and at the end of every session i walked away with clarity and action steps to take (and accountability every week which meant i actually did them). If you need some direction in life, or if you're always exhausted and feel like you're just spinning your wheels, i highly recommend Dan. You'll be amazed at what you discover about yourself :)
-Rachelle S

I was very fortunate to work with Dan during a recent life transition.  He is both an intuitive listener and compassionate champion, and someone I came to trust.  He brings a unique and effective process to his coaching that allowed me to finally shift the way I had been looking at obstacles and more importantly the power I had to change what I needed to.
-Christina F

Dan has been such a wonderful and supportive coach. His presence and questions supported me to discover my own truth about things in my home and work life that were feeling unclear. I am grateful for his support and highly recommend him as a coach.
-Mitchel D