A little bit about me...

During my early twenties, I received an unexpected education in overcoming obstacles through living with chronic pain. After years of blood tests, MRIs, physical therapy, doctor appointments, and no answers, I was left feeling hopeless and trapped inside my body. My life of road cycling, rock climbing, and outdoor adventuring seemed like a memory from someone else’s story. After months of feeling like I had tried every intervention in modern medicine, I finally got connected with some deeply compassionate, kind, and supportive practitioners who radically changed my life. Together we dove deep into the mind-body connection and set goals towards the life I wanted to live. It was with the support of these individuals that step-by-step I began reclaiming my life. Over time, the pain began losing its all-encompassing grip over me and I returned to an active lifestyle. As a result of this experience, I was inspired to pursue a graduate certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching and use what I learned to support others in gaining a greater sense of agency over their lives, and expanding their awareness.


Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching, Maryland University of Integrative Health

B.S. in Studio Art, Skidmore College

*Working towards an ICF Associate Certified Coach credential